About the Author

In the early 1980s, lifelong organic gardener, Dianna Henry began to actually hear plants and seeds. The experience of these profound and very instructive messages launched her awareness into the amazing world of Spiritual Gardening.

Gardening WORK became more like PLAY and much abundance prevailed. Dianna became, and remains to this day, an avid seed saver and a Sacred Corn Carrier.

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Book Endorsements

Marjorie J. Van Buren
Marjorie J. Van Buren Author of In Our Hands: An Energy Adventure For the Slightly Skeptical
The photos themselves make it worth owning this beautiful book; they took my breath away!

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Seeds Sing ~ The Library

“The Seed Remembers, in every cell is the seed of everything. The Mystery of energy is the magic of a miracle. Mystery resolves itself.”      ~ Carl White Eagle Barnes, Cherokee Corn Elder, August 4, 2011

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“Plant a Seed so your Heart will Grow.” ~ Hafez (14th century poet/mystic)

The Truth We Pass On....more quotes