In the early 1980s, lifelong organic gardener, Dianna Henry began to actually hear plants and seeds. The experience of these profound and very instructive messages launched her awareness into the amazing world of Spiritual Gardening.

Gardening WORK became more like PLAY and much abundance prevailed. Dianna became, and remains to this day, an avid seed saver and a Sacred Corn Carrier.

Dianna Snow Eagle Seeds Sing HenryMany aspects of the journey with seeds have inspired Dianna including: her involvement with founding the Central Prairie Seeds Exchange in 1986; the 37 varieties of Native American seeds acquired from the Kansas State Historical Museum; her work with mentor, Carl White Eagle Barnes, Cherokee elder and corn ‘expert’; her background training in research, laboratory work, and preservation of artifacts; and of course the unfolding of her discovery of her deep ancestral roots (Oglala-Apache, Blackfoot Sioux, and Cherokee plus Scott-Irish, German, English, and French).

A culmination of 30 years of research, study, and personal experiences, Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom of Corn reveals a great depth of spiritual understanding, uncovered by Henry, and available now to all who choose to listen and learn from the wisdom of corn.