In April of 2011 my journey began. The bags are packed into the car in Northwest Arkansas…

“!!Dallas?? !! are you sure your flight is still going?” 13 tornadoes are on the ground in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area. I would be changing planes in the Dallas airport on my first trip to visit with Grandmother Flordemayo in New Mexico. At 4:30 AM that day, the computer says the Airport is still there and my flight to Albuquerque is still as it should be. So I proceed.

I am to meet Grandmother Flordemayo, the Mayan Grandmother on the Council of 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers, for the first time today. We have been in phone contact for 5 months regarding the Seed Temple she is constructing. Greg Schoen, my corn brother, meets me at the airport in Albuquerque and we proceed to Estancia, NM where a 40 acre piece of desert land holds a strawbale hogan and a donated Morten building which will be part of the seed temple complex.

We arrive to meet Grandmother Flordemayo and another important helper Patricio Dominguez entering the construction zone of this huge effort to build a place to safeguard our next 7 generation’s food seeds. Being lost everyday are the seeds to what we all know as food. Raising our own families food was common place even to our parents and grandparents. Now most children know only of a plastic packaged and prepared form of food from a local store somewhere outside of home.

Flordemayo’s seed temple vision is addressing this by becoming a seed reservoir with sacred blessed packets of seeds going out to young parents and grandmothers who will teach the keeping of these seeds to children and grandchildren. Our seeds are our living legacy. They die in storage if kept too long without renewal. Also, easily lost in one generation are the skills of raising our own food if these skills are not passed down to the next young people, our children, with the seed being lovingly blessed, grown, saved, and eaten as foods.

I left with hogan getting the last of its porch roofing put into place and the cement porch pad at the entry being poured to expand it, trees being planted, and more hurdles with the local zoning codes being addressed for the underground vault. Plans, plans, plans, and the sharing of brainstorming sessions. The Seed Temple underground vault is dug out of the land, and walls are being prepared with their framing. A few seeds had been donated already for the first preparations of 30 sacred seed bundles. Six of us sat in prayer, loving laughter, and excitement making the first little bundles. These immediately went out to peoples in a Kansas conference Flordemayo was leaving for before I myself left for home in Arkansas. I was later informed she came back with no bundles left, as so many were so eager to have them.

We have truly begun. (read more at this link…includes photos at the Seed Temple)

Dianna Snow Eagle