By Dianna Henry

Hopi Pink Flour1. Always Plant with LOVING intent.
2. Plant where NO other corns are grown for 1 mile (~kilometer) –plant 1 variety per garden, or plant 1 month later than other corn, or Hand Pollinate.
3. Plant in groups—this is for good pollination, (ie. not in long rows). [I plant “1 finger deep/1 finger length apart]. Plant 200 seeds to insure good seed, for our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s food.
4. Use natural fertilizers sparingly, only if needed, and avoid herbicides. Water only when absolutely necessary: at planting and pollination times. Mulch to conserve garden moisture.
5. Of your Good Crop of Seed, Please:

  • SAVE 1/3 for your seed next year.
  • GIVE 1/3 back for redistribution to others.
  • EAT 1/3 for yourself or others.

6. ALWAYS Protect from Genetically Modified Corns.
7. Address any Questions to: Dianna Henry
479 253 5621 or Email Dianna

Dianna ‘Snow Eagle Seeds Sing’ Henry is the author of Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom of Corn, book and ebook released 2012 and available from this website.

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