The following is an excerpt from a 2010 article which appeared in Blue Sky Green Earth, a Green magazine serving North Earth Kansas.

Dianna Henry has started a revolution. It is a small revolution. Only 40 or so people have joined in so far. But it may someday save our community, insure our food supply, and perhaps keep us all from going hungry.


A lifetime member of Seed Savers, Henry has been saving seed and promoting biological diversity through conventional plant breeding for more than 30 years. She has also been involved in the Midwest Seed Exchange, which includes farmers and gardeners from several Midwestern States.


But last year Henry had a worrying insight: Lawrence [KS] has a successful farmer’s market, but most of the farmers were not saving their own seed. Most local farmers order their seed each season from sources outside the state.
Why? If you take the trouble to grow organically, and have a plant that is successful in a particular location, why wouldn’t you want to propagate it for additional growing seasons in the same climate?

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