Into the Garden They Came…those Spirits of the Plants

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[more on the journey of my co-creative spiritual gardening transition…from my previous Midwestern traditional style of gardening]

…Of course I was to learn later, they were always there it was me that was changing! That year, about 1985, I opened to listening more and more to the plants and the whole garden. Many new changes were set into place as I embraced this new way of gardening for myself and my family. The Oxeye Daisy had peppered herself throughout the garden and at the end of Spring, the Dames Rocket had taken over the side yard even in the shade. She had sprinkled herself through the east side of the main part of the garden…now remembering Dames Rocket gets 3 feet tall so I was at first reluctant to put many of these half grown transplants into the garden at all. But I was listening and opening myself to this new way of gardening so I proceeded as the plants ask me to with reckless abandon.

dames-rocket-purpleThe purple flowers of the Dame’s Rocket, or Sweet Rocket as its sometimes also called, were absolutely beautiful with the contrasting white daisies, both blooming at the same time! It was absolutely stunning!! Hammock times were a new experience now. I ate the culinary sage with my soul-not my mouth. This too, was a new idea rushing through me in my flood of new gardening life. I loved the textures and colors of the flowers in the garden and Oh! The fragrances as you are ‘pulling weeds’!

Later in the Spring a dear spiritual sister’s mother died and there was very little money for the funeral. The Dame’s Rocket and Oxeye Daisy were so plentiful in my garden, they filled the home of my sister with flowers to greet all the guests at the life celebration we had. The colors even matched the table clothes the family had.

Now, it is about this time in my life when I grew my first Native American Indian corn. I had a small garden in size, (huge in concept) and corn does like a lot of space…so I had not considered Sweet corn. So that year I devoted a 4′ X 4′ square of my double dug, raised bed garden to corn… Hopi Blue Flour Corn it would be! It is a flour corn, what ever that meant. I did not even consider how I was going to use it or what you did with it—I was going to save the seeds! That process also, was a new one for me. That year the farmer next door to our east was planting soybeans and not hybrid corn. I was in luck! Then no crossing would occur. So this launched my corn journey into co-creative spiritual gardening and seed saving, and unbeknownst to me, the first steps of being a corn carrier.

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing

My Ancestors are Calling Me ?

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I in my 30’s pondered and thought…after a few vivid dreams, much to real to not be truth. Gosh, I must be Indian! Who would know? Who in my family would know these things about us? It was well known in our peoples, we carried the genes of Scott – Irish, German and English. The dreams were of me, as a Native American man awaiting the birth of his child as he danced anxiously on the thin ice of the creek rocks…finally the crying of a birthed little one pierced the air! He ran for the tipi. I knew eagle dances, and other ceremonial things I had no way to know this lifetime from experience.

Other times when standing on the earth of certain places of the Great Prairie, I seemed to just know things of times long ago. I was awakening something from deep within me. This I knew. I dug out my papers, those quick notes, the many pages , my Grandma Florence Henry had dictated to me after my queries. I only saw her a very few times after my marriage and my family had formed. We lived far from each other. These pages had to be put in a better order for me to even understand the almost 200 years of memories she had. So I started doing my geaneology. It was at least a place to start my search for the truth behind my Indian knowings.

Further on in time, my Grandpa died and Grandma was taken even further away from where I lived. She was in a nursing home until she died at age 98. At her funeral, I and one of my other sisters, who also thought we were Indian, cornered our eldest Henry Aunt, my Dad’s oldest sister, in the back bedroom of the cousin’s home we were visiting. We chose the bedroom so as to not be in a crowd. We asked her, “Are we Indian?” Well she commenced to cross her arms over her chest and took about four steps back away from us. She was not going to answer us?..We ask again stating we both had children and we wanted to pass on our family heritage to them. She finally gave in, relaxed and said, “Grandma took us girls aside and told us we were Indian…the other Grandma told us we were ‘damned heathens’.” These two Grandmas would have been my Great Grandmothers. I had not know them even by name until my genealogy work years later, as they had been gone for some time.

I consulted other family Aunts on both sides of my lines. I discovered we were Oglala-Apache on my mother’s side along with the Scot-Irish. There were stories within the family that told of this, though we had no registered, card carrying Indians. It took me at least four years of correspondence with the Henry Aunt we cornered in the bedroom to get out of her what tribes we might be. Finally she put it clear…my Great Great Grandma Henry was ‘full blood Cherokee’ and Great Grandma Henry was ‘full blood Blackfoot’. One from the North and one from the South.All with no paper trail. Several oral stories, which I dutifully wrote down after I heard them. Theses were what we had.

It was just one of these stories that gave me the most clear knowing…It was one of that same Henry Aunt’s. She had told of her child hood when she and her mother would have to go up into Nebraska where her Grandma Henry lived, to help dry the corn for the winter’s storage. This would be about 1921. It was a lot of hard work, it was done in the milky stage of the corn and dried. She was around 9 years old then…they had to remove the kernels carefully from the cobs.

I lie in my bed one night not able to go to sleep easily. I’m recalling my Aunt’s story. Suddenly it hits me like a rock! Only Indians dry corn!!! White folks don’t dry corn, they eat it as green roasted ears boiled in water or cut it off the cob in the milk stage and freeze it for winter use. I grew up working with my Mother and Grandma doing corn for the freezer many summers. It was this Corn story that let my heart rest a little more fully on my heritage Indian search. Both my Aunts on Dad’s side of my family knew they were Indian and were also doing our families genealogy. I spent as much time with them with our papers all scattered around us as I could. There were also stories of the perils of being Indian in these earlier times. Old photographs, notes, and many good times were shared. I am so grateful.

So it was that the Corn is helping me to remember who I am and I am so grateful to carry it to the peoples.

Dianna Snow Eagle – December 2013

The Carrying People

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Lost to many after the overcoming ones took over our whole world…[the European invasion of North and South America]~The histories, behind each corn, lost. Lost to the whole of humankind is much because of the existing pattern. The pattern of invade, conquer, and destroy. The original pattern of our Grand Plan for the Earth in the Great Beginning was much different. It provided for a melding of, a great respect of, and a giving of gifts to one another, when those exploring ones would move into new areas of Mother Earth to learn in.

There is an opening of doorways of learning now, one peoples to another, spiritual knowledge is vast. MUCH has been ‘lost’ deep into the ethers because of the competitive conquering way. Those Truths will always go deep into safekeeping in times where humans are not open to one another. Humankind is a spiritual being, living on this Great Earth, here to expand Love and Light. It is now time to do this for the advancement of all humankind, on Earth becoming Heaven. Humankind has chosen in the far past, as a whole, a vast course in a direction that has caused the loss of much knowledge. Everyday more is being cast aside deeper into the safekeeping places.

It is now time to remember—to really remember who we are as a people and who we are becoming as a people. We are all of the same Light Seed. We are not separate, but a oneness on this planet. We will not survive separateness. Our history has shown us this for thousands and thousands of years. Love unites, fear shreds, Love binds in gentleness, conquest divides for a millennium. It is now [in 2009] that we are at the doorway of Peace/Heaven. It is now that this is where we are. Earth Mother is providing us with the tools if we two-leggeds will but listen and respond.

Please drop your Love into the great pond of Life. It is awaiting your response. The road lies outstretched before you this very moment.”

by Dianna Snow Eagle – September 2009

Always Flowing Forward

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We must be aware of WHAT we pass on to the next generation. This is oft done with no awareness we are doing it. We choose without even knowing we are choosing…..Passing the crumbs of Truth as we see it, onto the next generation or our neighbors who then passes these onto someone else.

The Truth is such, often disguised and unbeknownst. Yet always flowing flowing forward on the minds of all of us. Sacred Ground, Sacred Ground these minds and thoughts of All of Us.

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing

Seeds of Tomorrow

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Steadfast We Hold the Pure Light into the Seeds of Tomorrow

The seeds of tomorrow are in our hands today and were brought through the hands of yesterday. We as a people must see far to carry them into our future. To do this the seed must be strong and as pure as possible, carrying all its diverse and divine gifts and traits. It must be carried unto the child of our tomorrows even as our world, as we know it crumbles.
Opening now, are these new Waves of pure Light to unbalance our life forms for this newness.

Be at Peace Begin!
Dianna Snow Eagle 2008

Rainbow Popcorn

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from RAINBOW POPCORN (aka: Glass Gems Popcorn)

The Seeds have about lost their Souls-
Now it is time to renew their life energy—They are in trouble.
We SEEDS want your help.

Plant us, eat us, love us, and enjoy us in your gardens.
I will walk with you to the far corners of
the New Heaven/Earth.

When you allow the rainbow corns to live, you also will live more fully.

Dianna Snow Eagle September 18, 2013

All is Holy Ground

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“All is Holy. Let new ones come to share and be ready, for time is no more,[for readying]. Love and Lightness.

We, the Holy Sacred People Awaken as we walk forward. The plants will help us. Certain twigs, certain flowers, certain seeds partaken in a meal…These are the ways Creator will use to reach and awaken the New Ones.

Holy Ground ~ All is and will be made Holy Ground again….Earth/Heaven.”

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing 2010

A dream (December 2008)

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When building a seed trust, bank, or temple….We have to take the less traveled roadway to build.

“I started out in a dream with 5-6 people in my 4 wheel drive vehicle…but the others are walking mostly after the first…the road we were attempting was paved with granite small blocks like cobbles of old Andean mountain roads only it was new and located in a very wealthy part of a village along a rushing river side. Everyone is walking, not driving like I had been trying to do and remember not to take the main highway or try for big grants or have money in our intent.

Along the way my vehicle became a 2 gallon sized glass horse with a lidded head and we were all walking! This horse was full of seeds with the lid/head tied on with a wool neck scarf.”

Dianna Snow Eagle Seeds Sing

Who Are We?

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Who are we? There are thousands of years of dancing and prayers of our Ancestors, praying for us, praying for our success with the opening and establishing of Peace on Earth in this time we are in [2009]. They are all grouped around us to aid us. We need only ask for their help. The Corns are only ‘envelopes of guidance’ needed to go forth….use the Corn as the tools. We are the Ones they had prayed for!!!

Dianna Snow Eagle
September 20, 2009
Kansas USA


Food for Thought…from Greg

on Dec 31, 2012 in The Truth we pass on...

“So the next time you are in the grocery store, getting your corn-in-basket‘fall decorations’, look at that ear of ‘Indian Corn’ you are holding… It is truly a sacred scroll, a piece of the Library of Alexandria…hidden in plain sight. Perhaps there truly is a ‘Maize Codex’, scattered out all over. Like the story of Isis and Osiris, we wonder how it can be brought back together. Not to worry . . .  It knows its own and it will assemble itself again. It will use human beings to do this. And perhaps that is what the sacred intelligence of the Corn had in mind from its very beginning.”

Gregory Schoen 2012