Being Who You Are

on Aug 10, 2012 in Blog, The Truth we pass on...

You are Strength. You are Wisdom Going Forward–Walk the Path–Walk the Light.

Be Who You Are Going Forward. The Creator Needs You.

Keep the Sacred. Keep the Beat…The Heart Beat of Life is calling You ever so powerfully to Be Your Being.

Let the Light of Life Flow Freely Through You into others, into the Mother Earth/Heaven Returned to Peace.

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing April 2012

Passing the crumbs of Truth

on Jun 5, 2012 in The Truth we pass on...

We must be aware of WHAT we pass on to the next generation. This is oft done with no awareness we are doing it. We choose without even knowing we are choosing . . . Passing the crumbs of Truth as we see it, onto the next generation or our neighbors who then passes these onto someone else.

The Truth is such, often disguised and unbeknownst. Yet always flowing flowing forward on the minds of all of us. Sacred Ground, Sacred Ground these minds and thoughts of All of Us.

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing

Holy Ground

on Jun 5, 2012 in The Truth we pass on...

“Certain twigs, certain flowers, certain seeds partaken in a meal . . . These are the ways Creator will use to reach and awaken the New Ones. Holy Ground~All is / will be made Holy Ground again….Earth/Heaven.”

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing 2010