Lost to many after the overcoming ones took over our whole world…[the European invasion of North and South America]~The histories, behind each corn, lost. Lost to the whole of humankind is much because of the existing pattern. The pattern of invade, conquer, and destroy. The original pattern of our Grand Plan for the Earth in the Great Beginning was much different. It provided for a melding of, a great respect of, and a giving of gifts to one another, when those exploring ones would move into new areas of Mother Earth to learn in.

There is an opening of doorways of learning now, one peoples to another, spiritual knowledge is vast. MUCH has been ‘lost’ deep into the ethers because of the competitive conquering way. Those Truths will always go deep into safekeeping in times where humans are not open to one another. Humankind is a spiritual being, living on this Great Earth, here to expand Love and Light. It is now time to do this for the advancement of all humankind, on Earth becoming Heaven. Humankind has chosen in the far past, as a whole, a vast course in a direction that has caused the loss of much knowledge. Everyday more is being cast aside deeper into the safekeeping places.

It is now time to remember—to really remember who we are as a people and who we are becoming as a people. We are all of the same Light Seed. We are not separate, but a oneness on this planet. We will not survive separateness. Our history has shown us this for thousands and thousands of years. Love unites, fear shreds, Love binds in gentleness, conquest divides for a millennium. It is now [in 2009] that we are at the doorway of Peace/Heaven. It is now that this is where we are. Earth Mother is providing us with the tools if we two-leggeds will but listen and respond.

Please drop your Love into the great pond of Life. It is awaiting your response. The road lies outstretched before you this very moment.”

by Dianna Snow Eagle – September 2009