SPIRIT OF CORN: Maize Wisdom Cards = Currently ‘OUT OF STOCK’

maize-wisdom-cards-webAn exciting release from Primary Seeds/Dianna Henry, Maize Wisdom Cards is a collection set of 89 individual cards which can be used for meditation and learning. Each card has a photograph of a unique indigenous corn and its identifying ‘family’ name. A booklet with explanations on each family is included.

The wisdom quotes on the card backs are shared from Dianna Henry’s notes over the years which arose from her meditation and dreams many times with the sacred corn. Originally priced at $30 the cards are now being made available by donation to support Dianna’s efforts to share the wisdom of the corn…

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Testimonial from Denise in British Columbia, Canada, received January 2014:

Thank you so much for the wisdom cards. They are beautiful. Today I celebrated picking my first card with my friend Tawha from Brazil who is a market gardener and master at making flatbreads. We laid out the cards and admired them, then chose one. After, she ground the blue corn I had grown into flour and we made blue corn tortillas and a beautiful salad. It was a real celebration and honoring of the corn and the earth and friendship. Green blessings, Denise

Denise and friend lay out the cards for a celebration 'reading'.

Denise and friend lay out the cards (around the blue corn she grew) for a celebration ‘reading’.