Cherokee Ginitsi Selu White Flour Corn is also known as Cherokee Flour, Selu White Flour, and Cherokee White Flour Corn
Cherokee Ginitsi Selu White Flour Corn

Eastern Band Cherokee of North Carolina and Cherokee in Oklahoma; in North Carolina and Great Central Plains of North America
Flour, flour that is large and flat(similar to Southern dents, but not dented) with occasional mini flour plants – Kernels: Predominately white, cream white, some pale moonbeam yellow, few with deep blush of rose pink. The mini version is pure white; Cobs: White, white with rose blush, 8-10 rows, 9½ – 11½ inch ears, filled well, good husk cover with occasional rose husk, ear grows out tip allowing it to mold and bugs to get in, good ear shanks turn down on ripening, kernels often grow in ‘sheepnose’ quality over tip of ear, 5-7 inch ear leaves
Very tall 10-12 foot stalks with occasional rose color at nodes, leaves are 3-4 inches wide reaching to 36 inches long, 0-4 tillers, good brace roots, beautiful rose maroon and yellow silks, bright light rose to yellow cream tassels. – Uses: Cornmeal (Comments: “One of the ancient corns of the Cherokee, said to be unrelated to virtually any other USA corns and is thought to be descended from an ancient Mexican corn called “Harinoso de Ocho” (so it may have predated the Cherokee in the South Appalachian Mountains and come to them with the Muskogean and other tribes they assimilated). It has been with the Eastern Cherokee for at least 1000 years.” and Cherokee Corn Elder Carl White Eagle Barnes calls this corn the “Mother Corn” of the Cherokee peoples.)
Excerpted from Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom of Corn

CREATOR’S SONG: (A message from Cherokee Ginitsi Selu White Flour Corn)

“…I carry Love Light. To activate this [the corn] needs to be grown by a Light Carrier Human Being! Opening NOW, are Great Chasms (Avenues), of Light—Pure Heaven Light. . . I will help people adapt to these high energies. You may grind some of my seeds to eat now. You can see what they do for your body. Grind and make ‘johnny cake” to eat me soon, then cornbread. Try me— you will like me and my flavors, and my Light…”

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing