Enuta Pawnee Popcorn

Pawnee/Pani of the Great Central Plains of North America
Very small pearl Popcorn – Kernels: Dark red orange with about 10% pearl translucent yellow, never mixed in an ear; Rare white pearl kernel – Cob: Light red with red kernel ears, white with yellow and white kernel ears. 4 inch ears. Red has 12, 14, 16 rows; Yellow has 12-14 rows; White has 14 rows
Straight upright delicate stalk reaching 5 feet. 3 nodes produce ears, heavy producer with 3-4 ears per node, plus 3-4 ears per tiller! Excellent husk cover. Tassels grow out the tips of each ear. – Uses: Food … popped corn … excellent nutty taste, well worth all the effort!; Ceremonial, healing
Excerpted from Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom of Corn

CREATOR’S SONG: (A message from Enuta Pawnee Poporn)

“…This is a highly spiritual little corn, yet grounded well in Mother Earth. ‘Enuta’ name was called out, meaning ‘Blessed’. There were originally 4 colors to this popcorn that would come and go with weather changes. The red and yellow (and rarely white) are all that remain [so far]. You can call back the blue and green after Earth Changes settle down later. In that state of Being (with four colors) it was used in healing ceremonies, to heal bronchial diseases in humans. Tassel tips were thought to ‘breathe the air and purify it with Light.’ With ceremony, clouds could be brought with this corn, to bring the Rain Beings. This is indeed the ears of corn the Shaman/Medicine person wore in their ears as ‘earrings’ to do sacred ceremony..”

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