Osage Brown Flour Corn

Osage, Little Osage peoples – Ozarks, Great Central Plains of North America, Eastern forest early
Flour, though some dent or sweet mixed in with some sources – Brown to red brown kernel
4-6 feet tall, some red stalks, with 0-2 tillers, 1-2 dry ears in about 78-95 days – Uses: Cornmeal (grinds pale lavender); healing (balances and raises energy in our human body’s chakra system); ceremonial
Excerpted from Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom of Corn

CREATOR’S SONG: (A message from Osage Brown Flour Corn)

…Be gentle with All Beings, for New Life is amongst the Old. It is a Blessed time. Many new energies are coming to the fore and will be recognized as new ways for proceeding with Life.

The Rays of Light come to transform all the land. It will be made more pure again. The harvest will be made again in cooperation with one another—And, indeed, the True Harvest will come. When Love will beget Love, Peace beget Peace. Openness will prevail.

You mark the land when you touch it. Let your mark be Light! Peace IS a state of awareness between/amongst those on the Planet. Earth will be known as Heaven. It is time. Let no one be afraid of this. The time is right…

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing