Pawnee Lixokonkatit Black Eyed Flour CornPAWNEE LIXOKONKATIT BLACK EYED is also known as: Eagle Corn, Pawnee Ink Spot, Skidi
and looks like Navajo Cudei, Navajo Sacred Corn, and Navajo Holy Corn.

Skidi Pawnee, Apache, Cheyenne, Hopi, Metis – of the Great Central Plains of USA
Very rare and unusual ‘eyed or capped’ Flour corn – White with purple black mark (‘ink spot’) at silk attachment – almost all purple or all white. The spot can resemble flying eagles, dragon flies, owl eyes, etc. Rare but occasional red “eyespots” on some, rare yellow kernels with eyes
2-5 feet tall stalks with 1-2 tillers, 1 (occasionally 2) dry ears per plant in about 100 days. Plant has 5-8 nodes. Ears can be 1 inch to 3 feet from the ground. Very climate sensitive. Will seriously sprout and mold in the ear if left in fall rains. ‘Eyes’ don’t color well in drought, dry down to a pink red – Cobs: 10 – 14 rows on 5 – 10 inch cobs – Uses: Cornmeal (grinds pale violet) wonderfully fine flour; Ceremonial (balances abused lands, cleans soils, blesses the body of humans). Considered sacred . . . Do not use for monetary gain
Excerpted from Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom of Corn

CREATOR’S SONG: (A message from Pawnee Lixokonkatit Black Eyed Flour Corn)

“…Many unseen gifts go to those who eat this corn . . . It too, will be transformed with New Light and have a different appearance with the coming of the New Age of our history. Running my hands over the leaves as it grew, I was filled with Great Promise of Love and Peace, Betterment of All Humankind. Lixokonkatit carries with it the essence of mankind’s wishes for the betterment of itself. There are seeds and then there is Lixokonkatit! Truth flows out of its accord into others who eat and handle it. This Blessing was put in/on this corn many eras, centuries ago. ‘Lix’ means ‘of Wind’. Do not use it for monetary gain…”

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing