Sacred Osage Red Flour Corn

Osage Peoples; Great Central Plains of North America, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri
Flour corn – Dark red with lighter red, lavender with darker, bluish-red kernel
5-7 feet tall, some red tint in stalks and ears husks, 2-4 ears on main stalk, 5-8 tillers with possibly 1-2 ears each. Medium sized leaves, ears have long shanks with very good husk cover, located 4-5 feet above the ground – Uses: Cornmeal; hominy
Excerpted from Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom of Corn

CREATOR’S SONG: (A message from Sacred Osage Red Flour Corn)

…“There was a distant land. The people were all of a peaceful way. They brought forth in their minds and hearts the life they knew was sacred. They worked and loved and played in Light. The Light Blessed them and made them free to live in New Ways of Love. They turned into Angels of White Light. The Heavens were consolidated into One Place— One Sacred Place instead of Many before. Their Love was so Great that they continued for a long, long time to Be. They became the GodHead of Life in New Form. It was good, and God smiled on her/his people, and they were blessed with goodness never seen before on Earth. It was all of RIGHT-USE-NESS….”

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing, 1995