Starfire's Light Flour Corn

Starfire’s Light is also known as Pawnee Ink Spot, Navajo Holy corn, and Navajo Cudei.

Metis, Skidi Pawnee, Navajo, and Hopi – of the Great Central Plains and Southwest USA
Very rare ‘eyed or capped’ Flour corn – Kernel color is White with dark purple-black mark (“ink spot”) at silk attachment, almost all purple or all white. Occasional red “halos” on some spots. The spot can resemble flying eagles, dragon flies, etc.
2-6 feet tall stalks with 1-2 tillers, 1 (occasionally 2) dry ears per plant in about 100 days. Ears can be 1 inch to 3 feet from the ground. Cob is White. 10-14 rows on 5-10 inch cobs- Uses: Cornmeal (grinds pale violet), wonderfully fine flour; Ceremonial (balances abused lands, cleans soils, blesses the body of humans); Considered sacred . . . Do not use for monetary gain
Excerpted from Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom of Corn

CREATOR’S SONG: (A message from Starfire’s Light Flour Corn)

…“Yorth Energy, ie., Christ Consciousness in Humans: You see, CORN, special corns, carry a unique vital force with Humans. This force facilitates human spiritual growth/placement in the stars (ie., Heaven state of Being). A place may be one point of Light going forward—all that is required is planting a particular corn of your choosing. These are indeed the Corns of Love Light, as that is what the Yorth energy is configured in a very special pattern for quickening of many of the energies composing THIS time/space of the planet. The corn may need only be planted once, and not even a large amount, in Loving/Peaceful intent. To be given out worldly is what is needed…..”

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