Honoring Grandmother Margaret Behan“It’s time for healing,” says Grandmother ‘Red Spider Woman’ Margaret Behan,
“…it’s already begun.”

Dianna ‘Snow Eagle Seeds Sing’, author of Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom oDianna Snow Eagle Seeds Sing Henryf Corn, attended this years gathering of the 11th International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in Montana. As assistant to Grandmother Flordamayo, Dianna was excited to be able to attend both the 4-day event on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, and to be with the grandmothers as they gathered several days early to set sacred space for this years gathering.

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Be at Peace. Use me as communion in this place.
I will open hearts, just by eating a kernel or holding an ear, or seeing the ear or seeds.

Starfire's Light: also known as Pawnee Ink Spot, Navajo Holy corn, Navajo Cudei by tribes of the Great Central Plains and Southwest USA

There is Peace in the Land of New Knowledge. I open these Doorways, and have opened these for your use now.

You see, I have shown you the PASSION for LIFE through me. . . Now we will open the PASSION for PEACE. . . that, which you will carry onward out into the hearts of the People. I am no longer ‘just Lixokonkatit’, I have now been joined by you ([meaning Dianna] to my missing parts in Navajo Holy Corn. We are now One Walking Forward. Starfire’s Light Corn will now affect at least four tribes of Native Indian peoples profoundly.

Peace is what I now place before you. Never sell this corn. . . always give freely to those who ask for me. I am Peace Going Forward, rooted deeply in the Earth Mother, feeding All who will partake of or even just listen to me. The limbo you are in is broken soon, advancing soon, to the NEW. Our road together is not at all at a finish or climax. Be at Peace. I am indeed not ‘lost’ to you, but ‘found’ in a more whole way.”

Snow Eagle Seeds Sing (message received 2006)
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