“The Seed Remembers, in every cell is the seed of everything. The Mystery of energy is the magic of a miracle. Mystery resolves itself.”      ~ Carl White Eagle Barnes, Cherokee Corn Elder, August 4, 2011

Arikara White Flour Corn seeds

Arikara White Flour Corn seeds

“Within the SEED is the Library of Knowledge that is now needed to bring the New Pattern forth into earth/Heaven. Certain SEEDS will carry New Knowledge of Patterns of Light/Life that is needed for LIFE from Now-Forward.

“The SEED holds much more than meets the eye or the hand. This is a Growing / Living Library which keeps evolving with Us. Its energies and knowledge will intensify as time proceeds, making The Library a very important tool, especially for those moving into living communities. Growing your own food, as much as you can, is vital to your survival now. The Library is to be used for seeds, plants, human and animal use.”

“…I had thought it an academic endeavor to write about corn in our world. There are all kinds of books on corn. I am not a scholar or a scientist, nor do I choose to be. When Creator asked me to write this, I realized what has not been seen in books is the corn’s Spiritual Truth. I call this the corn’s Wisdom. This is what the seeds have been giving me for many years. Was it to just stay in all my files? People have not asked for any of it . . . most don’t even know seeds have Wisdom. And what is this thing called Wisdom? Knowledge Wisdom, the stuff of lifes bidding itself forward. You can’t hold it, you can’t sell it, you can only have it by asking for it. So, this book on corn is a differing approach. Creator has guided each part of this book carefully. Those I needed to help came at my asking.

“It is in great honor that I bring you the Corn in its special spiritual wisdom form. What follows is a photo portraiture of a few corns I know better than others. I have added spiritual notes as Creator instructed. Then, the actual readings of these corn’s Wisdom from years of actual readings received through ‘Seeds Sing ~ The Library’, gathered throughout the 25+ years I’ve carried the corns. These readings in each chapter are the actual words, images, or impressions that each Library attendee received. Some will not follow any sentence form. I have been privileged to grow some of the seeds while others have come from another’s hands, from other gardens. Still, I am often overwhelmed with the wisdom that comes from the seeds. “The Seed Remembers,” Carl White Eagle often says.”

Dianna ‘Snow Eagle Seeds Sing’ Henry
Whispering Ancestors: The Wisdom of Corn © 2012

[Early instructions:]
“Save for humankind, all seeds that glow heavily with Light, all that put forth a loving energy pattern. Note differences in patterns, intensities, changes during your work with them. With Beans— a shiny seed coat = its alive, while a dull seed coat = its dead.”